Friday, November 13, 2009

Silly Things

I just wanted to write down a couple of funny things that Ivy has been saying and doing lately.
* Rudolph is Bluedolph the red nosed reindeer. 
* Tonight she was calling bandaids bambis.
* She always calls me Mama  _______ fill in the blank with any animal such as reindeer, snake, bear, puppy.
*She then refers to herself as the baby version of that animal.  I also use this tactic to get her to do something.  Somehow she is more willing to do it if she is a baby witch or baby cat.  And if she gets hurt its instantly "Mama Snake(or her animal of choice for the day) come here.  And if I just say "Are you ok?"  She reminds me that I need to say Baby Snake.
* Sometimes she says ya instead of you.  Like Can I sit by ya?  I know it doesn't sound funny to read but she is very sing-songy when she talks.  She uses this when she asks if someone is all right too.  "Are you all right?  Are ya?!
* Her favorite things right now are mac and cheese, pears and being chased and chasing around the house.  As soon as Darin walks in the door its CHASE ME!  But we have to pretend to be bears or elephants or sharks or the Grinch.
* Animals are still a passion for her.  In case you couldn't tell.
* She is FINALLY getting her last 2 front bottom teeth.  Not the middle ones but the ones on each side.  Actually I'm sad about it cuz she is so cute when she shows you her teeth and has those little holes.  Its even funnier when she does it to Grandma in church and growls at her.  Then says Your turn!

*SIGH* Why does she have to grow up?

***Edited to add... She calls popsicles bicycles.***


Ashley said...

Awww...I've got to write some of Sienna's stuff down!

Celeste Goodson said...

What a funny girl!'re craft blog is awesome, such cute stuff. Love and miss ya!