Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best Buddies

These guys are the best of friends! We wake up to Ivy yelling DAAAD! I have to tell her he is at work all day and she is so excited when her friend comes home from work to wrestle and chase her around the house. Not to mention going to the park and working outside and mowing the lawn on the tractor and on and on. Darin is the best Dad and Husband. I love you!

Random Fairs are Fun!

We went to the fair last night. It was just a little thing in the parking lot of a store. There were a few rides and some games and stuff. Nothing too exciting but probably just the right size for Ivy. We went with Rich, Laurel, Claire, Lytton and Darin's parents to check it out. I haven't been on a ride in probably 10 years which is sad cuz I love em. I think it has something to do with Darin's aversion to large crowds of people and carnival rides. All Laurel had to do was say the magic words and away we went. Those things get more rickety the older I get. I was crying I was laughing so hard. And its not very often you get to see Tri-Cities from the sky. Good times! So until the big fair comes to town we will sure enjoy the random little ones!

Laurel and I went on the Ali Baba. Oh man I was laughing so hard.

Ready to go down the super slide with Dad. My little slider was in heaven!

The carni helped Ivy pop a balloon to win a prize. I kept trying to steer her to the cow but in the end Ivy snatched up a blue salamander. What a great $5 toy!

Ivy with her Salamander. She even took it to bed. What a fun evening. I love getting to see everything likes its the first time by watching Ivy.

Fairlane Feeling!

Its that time of year again. The fairlane decides what we are doing pretty much every weekend from now until the nice weather goes away. We went to the cruise in at Wendy's last night and quickly learned that a DJ makes all the difference at those things. There were some cool cars and nice people but nothing to keep us around for very long. Hopefully we can find some more cruise ins that know how to jazz it up. Darin and Ivy went to the Benton City car show last weekend and had a blast even though everyone came home a little pink cheeked. Yay for sunshine!

Heading to the cruise in

Just blowing in the breeze!

Ivy eating, imagine that.