Monday, July 28, 2008

Ivy's Big Day

Its true. Time flies when you have kids. The last year has flown by and now my baby is one. She is definitely the light of our lives. Its like we didn't know what we were doing with our lives before she came along. On Saturday Ivy had her first birthday. We invited some friends over for cupcakes and root beer floats. Now that she is walking Ivy can keep up with the older kids a whole lot better. She was in heaven with all the kids and people around. Her favorite part was probably eating her cupcake though. She dug right in and I think ate the whole thing in about 2 minutes. Ivy can't ever imagine how much we love her. We thank Heavenly Father every day for bringing her into our lives. Here are some pictures of her big day. The blue dress is from her Grandma Warnick, along with the hair bow. The other pictures are from Ivy's party. So here is to my big girl. We love you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ivy's Tricks

Ivy can walk! She took off last Friday and is getting better and better every day. It helped to be around all of those older kids in Utah. She also started clicking her tongue and the spitting is her .driving a truck. What a silly girl. She lights up our life every second of the day!

Amber's Wedding

Amber's wedding was so much fun. It was a lot of work but I had a good time with my best girl friends. Its amazing how you can go months without seeing or in some cases talking to someone and pick up right where you left off with out any awkwardness. These girls are the very best! And I will even wear my bridesmaid outfit again. I'm so happy for you Amber, I love you! Good luck with that whole married thing.=0)

Friday, July 11, 2008

July is good so far...

We went to the zoo the other day, as you can see by the pictures Darin put up. We had to be over that way for a Dr.'s appointment and thought we would make a day of it. Ivy was definitely more interested in all of the kids at the zoo but seemed to have a good time. She is such a little social butterfly. She is at that hard stage where she is so squirmy and wants to be let free everywhere we go. But she takes off like a shot and gets really dirty crawling on the ground. She is walking farther and farther every day and it looks like she might be pro by her first birthday.
Ivy and I also went up to Summit County with Darin for the last couple days and got to spend time with our good friends the Allens. Ivy was in heaven playing with the two cutest boys around. Taggart and Jack treated Ivy like a queen and she even rewarded them with her cutest baby doll laugh and even hugs when we left! She isn't very affectionate so that was a big deal. Every time I see Ivy having so much fun with other little kids it makes me hope that someday we will be able to give her a little brother or sister. But that is in the Dr.'s hands so we'll see...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Denver Zoo

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ivy's Tails and Cottage Cheese

Ivy's hair has finally gotten long enough to put ponies in. Today we tried the pigtail approach. Although it is pretty cute, she does resemble a bug or a martian the way they stick straight up. So we will be sticking with the one pony. The biggest bonus of having her hair done is we no longer hear "Oh what a cute little boy you have!" Ivy tends to try and pull them out when Mom isn't looking though so I am always worried she is going to choke on a rubber band. I'm pretty sure she has swallowed at least one.
As for the cottage cheese face, its cuz I don't like to sit there and feed her, so I just plopped some cottage cheese on her tray and she went to town. She loved it and just so you know cottage cheese is not the easiest to clean up. It just kind of smears around, meaning we found cottage cheese everywhere.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July everyone!

We rode the bikes down to Clement Park tonight to watch some fireworks. It rained for a bit, but we managed to stay dry. Ivy wasn't sure about the fireworks....they didn't really keep her attention. She liked seeing all the dogs and kids though. Riding back home in the dark was interesting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rockies vs. Padres

Ivy went to her first baseball game last night.
When we first got there she had this worried expression on her face, she wasn't so sure about what was going on. But as more people showed up she got into it a little bit more. Ivy actually lasted a lot longer than we thought she would making it all the way to the 7th inning. Of course that is right when the game started to get good. We don't know who won but we sure had a great time!