Sunday, August 31, 2008

So I keep waiting for pictures to post but obviously that hasnt happened or I would have posted sooner. We are winding down our summer now that Darin is heading back into the busy season for work. My mom and youngest brother Cory came out to visit and play with Ivy. She loves having new friends around. Just more people to read her books over and over. Forget the basket of toys she just wants to sit on someones lap and read books. Well mostly she likes to turn the pages and occasionally kiss the page. I can't complain though. I can only hope that her love of books continues. She is turning into quite the talker with her vocabulary growing every day it seems. She now can say hi, dada, mama, hot, hat, car, dog, light,uh oh and my favorite-ouch. Its fun to see her try and say words, she is VERY expressive. Some other fun things are her dancing, and her love of dogs. Every time Ivy sees or hears a dog she sticks out her tongue and starts panting like one. Its so cute but of course I think just about everything she does is cute. Besides Ivy nothing much is going on with me. I'm excited for fall, so I am having a hard time not pulling out the fall decor. It has to be the right day when I can feel it in the air! I am starting to learn that I have to do my projects before a season starts so I can actually have them out and enjoy them. Well I'll try and get some pictures taken this week so you can see how big my baby girl is getting.