Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ivy Faith is Two Years Old!

We just watch her with wonder every day. She is exactly what I dreamed of for all those years of waiting for her to come. I wanted to write down some of the cute things that she does so I don't forget.
My favorite is that she calls blankets "blankely". Luckily she isn't attached to a certain one just blankets in general.

Her favorite things are swimming, fruit snacks, watermelon, shoes, sharks and blueberries.

Darin is by far her favorite person in the world and can't wait for him to come home every day. But he is my fave too so I can't blame her.

She can play in the fairlane for a good hour or so while Darin is out working on cars. She goes to the store for groceries and to the park and on trips.

Books are a big part of our day. Some favorites are "Go Dogs, Go"(the mini board book one is much better!), Summer, Richard Scarry books, One Fish, Two Fish, Mercer Meyer books and a new favorite is Fancy Nancy. Ooo la la!

Her best friends are her cousins who she likes to list off all the time.

Recently she has been adding extra "L"s to words. So instead of please she says
Pla la lease. Or blocks is blo la locks.

She is getting better at coloring, stays pretty entertained at church with stickers, can count to ten and recognize some letters.

Speaking of church she is pretty much crazy there. Thank goodness LoLo is in nursery so she will go and has a good time. I just have to make sure I bring enough food to keep her quiet during sacrament meeting. I guess I can't expect TOO much. The girl can't sit still for more than 3 seconds!

Thats my baby Ivy. She couldn't be more perfect! But now that she is two we'll see eh?!


Mary said...

I just love Ivy's laugh. She is a sweet girl and has some great parents too. Thanks for the visit the other day.

Celeste Goodson said...

What a cutie!! So fun seeing her get bigger...she's a lucky girl to have you two for parents.

Steph & James said...

I cannot believe she's 2! I have to conquer with Mary & Celeste, Ivy is one lucky girl to have you and Darin as parents. I love seeing your pics, your love for your family oozes out of them! I am so thankful to call you one of my besties!!!