Friday, June 12, 2009

Too Much To Do

So the big news around here is we FINALLY sold our house! I actually arrived in Denver yesterday to pack up our stuff over the next week and take it to Washington. Ivy and I flew from Portland and I have to say she did pretty well for having to get up at 4:30 in the morning. We took naps and then got to work. Getting here made me a little sad cuz I love this house so much. But no looking back now! We are renting a place until next spring since we have to have a a two year history with Greenies. Its been pretty annoying taking a couple of steps back in that way but I found a sweet house that will work for us that has a park right across the street which I am excited about. We have also started remodeling Darin's parents kitchen (started the project with no end in sight of moving out) and luckily I got to leave right when all the hard work began!. I designed it which has been a lot of fun. Maybe when Ivy goes to school I'll get into interior design or something. The only bummer part is not having millions of dollars to do the kitchen but we've made it work. I'll post before and after pics when its done. Greenies is rocking it and Darin comes home exhausted every night. My little brother Cory just graduated from high school this week and he is going to come work with Darin which will be a big help. We had Paddle Fest a couple of weekends ago where we took the kayaks down to the river and did demos along with a couple of other kayak shops. The Hobie rep came to help out and brought those paddle boards. They are like big wide surfboards that you stand on and paddle around. I am in love with it. Its so much fun but the river is FREEZING! Ivy is growing up way too fast. I'm having kind of a rough time with the fact that she is turning two next month. Well thats just a little update of how busy we are. I've taken some fun pictures this week but I'll have to wait until I get back home to post them and fill you in on all the fun adventures we are having!


Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...


I can't wait to see the before and after pics of the kitchen -you have always been so creative. Heck, I even like your new blog background hee hee!

How's the move coming along? Much left to pack? Getting the new place decorated will be so fun!

I haven't gone to that baby website -yet! I always go to -they have a week-by-week development that shows 3D pics -so cool!



Stacey B. said...

Congrats on the sale of your house! I hope we can say the same thing next spring because right now owning a house that other people rent and live in kind of stinks. I'm not a fan.

So fun that you got to design a kitchen...I would love that, but I have the same problem, I'd want to spend serious money.

Good luck with everything!