Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Ah, Denver. I've missed you my old friend.
Ivy and I came in to town Thursday morning to pack up the house and say so long. Its been bittersweet being here, but I'm excited to get a little more settled in Tri-Cities. I think the worst part about packing is knowing that a week from now I will be unpacking. Yuck.

Ivy and I on the airplane. I think Ivy's bags under her eyes are bigger than mine. She did better than I expected I guess. What can I expect when we have to get up so early. We took a break from packing on Friday and went to the Denver Aquarium. I picked the aquarium for a couple of reasons. Its a good size attraction. Good as in not too big. Especially for a 2 year old that doesn't want to be in the stroller, but is being clingy and won't walk. We saw some turtles and a bunch of fish (duh its an aquarium!)

Ivy was most interested in the tigers. We were standing there looking through the glass at a tiger that was pacing back and forth. Then the tiger saw something-I think it was Ivy- and kind of crouched down with that predator-ish look in his eye. He ran right at us! I backed up and ran into somebody and Ivy was just laughing and saying "Tiger! Tiger!"

Its interesting how little kids have some fears and others are learned. I hate sharks but Ivy was jumping up and down and sqealing about them. She wanted to "touch it" whenever they swam by.

The other reason I picked the aquarium is because we went in the afternoon. And on a summer afternoon in Denver you are almost guaranteed a thunderstorm. I have loved that we have had a bunch while we are here since they are rare in Richland. Ivy says "funder" with a bit of awe in her voice. We have also gone to the park, the farmer's market and played a bunch around the house. Luckily we had a bunch packed up before we left in September or this would have been a much more stressful trip. I have also had a bunch of help from our good friends the Davis' who let me use their car for the weekend and helped pack and a bunch of other things. We sure are going to miss all of our friends here.

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Celeste Goodson said...

I'm so glad you guys are able to move on finally. I'm sure it is hard to officially leave your beautiful house and friends though. Glad you survived the packing!