Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Makeover

So the last week and a half have been super busy. We flew up to Washington for my niece Hailey's baptism. While we were there we did Extreme Home Makeover-Warnick Edition. Darin's parents were desperately in need of some new carpet so while we had the carpet ripped out we decided to paint and everything. It started out as a small project of just doing the living room, but we got such a good deal on the carpet that we were able to also do the family room-which is now the office! We ended up taking down wallpaper, retexturing, painting, adding new carpet and trim. And then of course we couldn't put old furniture in so Wayne and Ellen got a new desk, bookcases and an entertainment armoire. I can't even remember what those rooms used to look like, they are so different. We had fun working with family on the project we just wish we lived closer to enjoy it with them!

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