Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funner parts of our trip

We went to Washington and Idaho to see our families. Its amusing (well depends on how you look at it I guess) when your vacations are those kind instead of going to Mexico or something like that. Oh well. Thats what we get for living so far away I guess. We got to see all of Darin's family which is always fun. We are the only members of his immediate family that don't live in Tri-Cities Washington, so its exciting to see all of the kids growing up and things like that when we visit. The hard part is not seeing everyone as much as we would like. But people have to work and do other things. Also we get caught up in helping out his parents. Its just that we aren't there to help like we wish we could, so we try to get a year's worth of work done in one week!

Ivy absolutely loved every second of it. She is such a little social butterfly. She was in heaven being with her cousins. Getting carried around by the girls and always having someone to play with. Now that we are home I think she is a little bored to be honest. Anyways. We got some really fun pictures of the fam to update our walls.

From Washington, we rented a car and drove to Boise to meet my family there for the weekend. My dad's whole family ended up being there because of my cousins homecoming. It was really fun to see everyone. Especially since it had been actually years since we had seen some of them. The weather was glorious and the food was good too. I loved spending time with my family and having them get to know Ivy better. I am glad to be home but the whole thing sure made me sad that we don't live close to our families. Its hard seeing them only twice a year.

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