Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watch out everybody!

Our baby is all growed up.  Turning three has been a big deal for awhile around here.  Practicing and perfecting three with her fingers so she can tell everyone how old she is, working on {and still working on} having big girl manners, and who knew, but it also makes some girls instantly sassier.  
We headed to Portland for the week.  On Sunday we had a little party with my family. Of course we had cupcakes even though Ivy only eats the frosting.  But Uncle Scotty always comes to the rescue when there is lefover food.   On Monday {her actual birthday} she woke up and I started singing Happy Birthday to her.  She just told me to be quiet.  See.  Sassy.  Then she explained that she had already had her birthday because she already had her cupcake.  
 We then packed up and headed to the coast with 75 and sunny as the forecast.  First stop, the Tillamook cheese factory.  Gotta get that squeaky cheese!  Oh and maybe it would warm up while we were in there? Then we can hit the beach.  Oh wait.  
  I forgot that 75 and sunny means 55 and foggy.  Thats ok.  We still got to play in the sand and see the ocean and explore a pirates cave. 
And then the rest of the week is pictureless with shopping, thrifting in Portland, parks, fro yo and nailpainting.  All very girly stuff just right for Ivy and her gramma, mama and au pair {aka Shellie}  whew.  Its tiring turning 3!


hayley j said...

wow, just came across your blog randomly and every summer i go to portland to visit family and have to make a stop at tilamook for some squeeky cheese! crazy!

Anonymous said...

nice photos