Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

 We are running around with our heads cut off these days!  
Ok, so I know there are a lot of people out there that are WAY busier than we are.  I mean I can't wait to throw all of Ivy's activities into the mix as she gets older (we are little behind schedule as far as that goes but what do ya do) but we are busy enough without it.  Greenies is getting busier and we've got a bunch of events and things going on that are really great.  I'm at an employee appreciation thing at Kadlec hospital right now selling stuff actually.  Then I'm running to the church to help put together a dinner for 200 people.  I will be able to tell you if 150 cups of (cooked) rice and 2 gallons of salad dressing is enough when its over!
Darin is growing his photo business and is now a board member for the Tri Cities Photography club, the Richland improvement district, and some other city counsel thing.  He's also taking First Friday at Greenies to a new level and organizing an artwalk type thing in the Parkway with all of the cool new businesses coming in.  Throw in mowing the lawn and being the best Dad around and he is one busy {and tired} guy.  
I am getting more and more custom sewing orders all the time and trying to keep stuff in Greenies.  I'm also teaching myself how to use photoshop for printables and LOVING it.  I'm gonna try and do the farmer's market once, maybe twice a month this summer and if I was smart I would start getting ready for that holiday bazaar.  But that all gets squeezed in around being a park rat with Ivy and keeping the house clean and all that good stuff.  
And guess what?  Deep down we like busy.   We made a decision to be a part of the community and  that's what we are getting.  We've made some really good friends and are really enjoying our life here.  Of course the sunshine makes it much easier to be positive about that kind of stuff ;)


Celeste Goodson said...

So happy things are working out so well for you. You guys have been our inspiration!

natallie said...

you ARE busy...and the good thing is that you enjoy it. you are also busy doing nice things for other people. ivy and her future sibs are going to be some CRAZY talented, motivated, kiddos.