Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whoops, time to catch up.

Holy Cow!  Its been over a month since I posted anything on here.  Not that anything too exciting has happened in these parts.  We have just been busy enjoying the sunshine, playing and reading books.  Ivy is getting closer and closer to age 3 which is making me a tiny bit sad.  But she is turning into such a fun lady I can't help but be excited every morning to see what she will come up with that day.  
 She has been loving on the Princess and the Frog and I can get all the kisses I want when I ask the frog for one.  Today she said.  "Can I get just one kiss?  Unless you beg for more!!!" All in a funny accent, and then she slurped her tongue at me.  But Princess Tiana doesn't hold a candle to Cinderella.  I think about 10 times a day Ivy will tell me the story of Cinderella and her mean sisters ripping her pretty pink dress.  Now that I think about it I need to video tape it because the way Ivy tells stories is really cute. 
She also got a bike! Its fun to see her ride around and try and figure the whole thing out.  Now we just need the wind to stop blowing so she can ride it outside instead of all around the house. 
Darin and I are just keeping busy with the same old same old.  Business at Greenies has picked up a bit and I'm still just sewing away.  My how time does fly when the sun is shining!

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