Friday, January 22, 2010

New years at The Castle!

This year for Christmas Ellen and Wayne took the money they normally would spend on their anniversary and Christmas and put it towards renting a beach house in Lincoln City, OR for New Years.  Isn't that an awesome Christmas present?  We found a brand new house that would actually fit the whole family and it was way cool.  It was a three story house called The Castle.  The first floor had two bedrooms and then a game room.  It had a pool table, xbox, tv, air hockey and a bar game thingy-don't really know how to describe it.  And there was also a rock floored sauna.  On the second floor were 4 more bedrooms.  Then the third floor was all living space and kitchen.  It had a huge table that 20 people could sit at and a big couch, tv.  We don't have any great pictures so you could see but it was very cool!

Ivy's favorite thing was this huge book on sea life.  There was also a hot tub out back that she called "the hot water".  It was fun to sit out there in the rain.  From those windows you could see the ocean.

It pretty much rained the whole time we were there.  Add that to Ivy being sick equals we didn't spend much time at the beach.   I think she really wanted to be out there but just didn't feel well.  The rain and wind didn't help her mood much either.

We made it to midnight!  I could have easily gone to bed at 9.  Its tough work having a 2 1/2 year old on the road!

On Saturday we went down to Newport and went to the aquarium.  We had so much fun in there.  I think we were in there at least 20 minutes longer than everyone else.  And that was with rushing Ivy.  She could have watched the jelly fish and sharks forever.

They have a little pool where you can touch the starfish and urchins and anemones.  Once she actually touched one Ivy couldn't keep her hands out of the water.  I LOVE that she is so interested in things and wants to learn about animals and sea creatures all the time.

After the aquarium we had to get clam chowder so we went with everyone to a little chowder house for some fish and chips and chowder.  What a great way to spend New Years!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

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