Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pearl Jam

Darin randomly heard on NPR that Pearl Jam had a new album.  So he downloaded it.  Then he thought "Hey I wonder if they are touring?".  Lucky for him they are and just happened to be in Portland four days later.  So we closed the store early on Saturday and headed to Portland for the concert.  We dropped Ivy off at my mom's house (thanks Cory for babysitting!) and headed up to the Clark County Fairgrounds where the amphitheater is. 

Ben Harper and the Relentless7 opened.  They were OK in my opinion.  They got better as they played more stuff.  We had general admission tickets so it was a little chilly.  Darin was shivering before PJ even started!  It was cold but it made it so the music was the perfect volume-for me anyways.

The stage setup was pretty sweet.  The backdrop was like an old typewriter with PEARLJAM on it.  Darin sang his guts out and I joined in on the songs I knew.  They were REALLY good live and rock out pretty good for being old!  Haha.  I think they are in their 40's or something.   My favorite song was actually a duet Eddie Vedder did with some girl that was from Portland.  I can't remember the name of the song but when I do I will update.  Too bad it takes driving all the way to Portland and Pearl Jam to get us out on a date these days! 

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Mary said...

I'm glad you guys went and had a good time. I'd like a print of that temple picture. What sizes are you doing? Your super Saturday stuff will be great.