Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Whole Year

So we have been in Washington for a whole year now.  The time has flown by and gone so slow at the same time.  When I think of how much Ivy has grown and changed  in the last year it boggles my mind.  But now that its been a year here are the thing I do and don't like about Tri Cities...

I LOVE the weather.  This summer was amazing, and only snowing in December?!   Fabulous.  
Have I mentioned how much we love being near family?  Seeing babies right when they are born, instead of a year later is awesome. Getting to visit my family at least once a month instead of once a year is more than I could have hoped for a year ago.  

Sunsets, the river, farming( we don't farm, just all the farming around us) Greenies, exploring the state of Washington, learning and growing all the time are just some more great things about being here.

My biggest complaint about Tri Cities are the bugs, especially the spiders.  As Ivy says Ewww Gross!  My only other real complaint I guess is shopping, but that's what trips to Portland are for right?!  Besides there is an Old Navy and Target so what else do you need? 

The other day we were asking ourselves if it was a good year.  Darin and I both said "ehhh sure."  It's definitely been the hardest year we have faced together so far.  Would I change it?  Honestly yes, but not everything, and not what you would think.   That's how life is though, right?  It never works out how we plan, so you just have to go with it and have faith that things work out.  They always do somehow. 

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Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

I really liked your post. Being near family wonderful. I was just talking to Conrad about that last night -how great it was for Natasha and Bianca to drive out and see us for the weekend. It makes me so happy to see Bronwen and Ava actually have a relationship with my parents and sisters because they see them often enough to really know them. The coolest was when we went down in Sept., and Ava went to the front closet to put her shoes away. It dawned on me that she really knows Grandma's house. :-) Hugs to you guys and congrats on your 1-yr WA anniversary!