Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ivy's favorite things at the park are the slides. She kind of 'tolerates' the swings, but you can tell she is not having that much fun. She also wants to do the big kid slides by herself. She throws a tantrum until you let her, then you have to cringe as you can hear her tumbling down the tube slides. She always comes out a wacky way, but she loves it so what are you gonna do.


Amy said...

I would be grateful that she loves the slides and not the swings. When Kamryn realized how much she loved swings I thought my arm would fall off with how long I had to push her. I'm grateful that she finally appreciates other parts of the playground so that I get a break. :-)

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen & Ava Family said...

I agree with Amy's comment, and was debating whether or not to write the same thing haha! I can't believe how much Ivy has grown just in a few weeks!

The Warnicks said...

The park is fun! She sure is a pro at the slides!