Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Golden Super Cruise

Our favorite activity in the summer is the Golden Super Cruise. It is the first Saturday of the month June-Oct in Golden Colorado. Everyone brings their classic cars and goes to Sonic, parks along the main road and hangs out. There is a DJ who plays oldies and has raffle drawings. Then between 7 and 7:30 the DJ sounds the siren and everyone cruises down Main Street. People sit line the streets to see all the cars. Last year there were probably about 500 cars there. This year there have been more and more cars every month. In August 1100 cars showed up! There is every kind of muscle car and rat rod and creation you can think of. People even get dressed up in 50's gear. This last weeked was my favorite cuz our friends came to check it out. Darin has talked about it so much to Rob that he flew out from SLC this past weekend specifically to go to the Cruise. I'm sure he was blown away since there were more cars there than even I could have possibly imagined. It was fun having Rob here for the weekend. He and Ivy were smitten with eachother! Thanks to the guy that puts this on. We look forward to going every month!

Darin and Ivy checking it all out.

Ivy and I at the August Super Cruise

Ivy and her new favorite, Rob

Ivy and Rob checking out the cars

Ivy stole Emory's chicken nuggets and carried around like they were her favorite toy.

The fairlane is looking good

This is the Sonic. Just a small idea of how many cars are really there.


The Warnicks said...

That looks like so much fun! Rich would love that. He loves cars just as much as Darin. It would be nice to go sometime and check it out.

We Are Family! said...

Hi guys! I'm so glad I found your blog. You are a cute family and it's great to see what's happening.
I have added your blog link to ours, but thought I'd better ask if that was okay with you?????
Have a great day!
Aunt Elaine

Celeste said...

Thanks for all the fun!! Hope you have recovered from your LOOONNGG road trip! You guys are awesome.